About Us

The formation of TopStraders was founded in early 2008 with the aim of analyzing the financial markets. Gradually, with the development of the Group in areas such as psychology marketing and management trading (money, risk and capital), the goal of its activity increased. The Group offers its services on a limited basis in certain areas of the world from 2010. However, after four years of continuous activity, anyone in anywhere can use the Services of TopStraders. The site you're currently viewing has been available since the middle of 2014. Trading Signals and orders presented in this site are quite simple, systematically and purposefully designed. Some features and benefits of these signals ( Systematic Signals ) can thus be recounted.


*. For the trade, no instant title, or signal, will be offered. In other words, any order, as instant, will not run in our system. So not only need to be online always, but even that did not need to always be on alert.


*. Most orders in the early hours of first working day of the week will be released, even with complete specifications and settings necessary for a trade(prices and time in and out), so long as you execute these commands will be less than 15 minutes a week!


*. Time management orders (Using the new variables EOE and POE explained in detail in Guidelines) these variables is very simple to use, since the entry into and exit from the trade, regardless of the price will be display.


*. Using variables warning WP and WC to improve results. This means that the possible warnings, cautions that price volatility will be used as desired.


*. Just after placing orders, pay attention for other tasks during the week and only check your order in the late day that the warning is set or not.


*. Provide the most appropriate signals with respect to risk and return, minimize risk investors and users of the signals, helping members to make optimal use of signals due to their money ( Top Systematic Signals ).


*. Live result, clear and 100% real, according to the market situation happened, without manipulation, without delay, so that if someone orders a given form, placement can see result in TopStraders account. In various way all our Performance can be review and analyze by traders.


The most important factors that have been considered in TopStraders orders are included ( Systematic Trading ) :

Comprehensive analysis of financial markets,

Entry and exit points for each order,

The systematic management of orders

Acceptable, rational, with no stress profits,

Proportional diversification of assets,

Preventing the effect of emotional trading in running of orders,

And minimizing the time spent on orders.


Top Systematic Signals and Systematic Trading with TopStraders

TopStraders means Top Systematic Traders.