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By studying "About Us" you have received details about TopStraders. Now you are familiar with the activities and goals of TopStraders. In this section, you can find useful information and get necessary explanations for the optimal use of the various areas of the website.


Date: Means, order tables in TopStraders, the release date of purchase and sale orders.


Asset: Defined any item offered for buy and sale, including currency pairs, Stock, index, commodities and ...


Price: In TopStraders calendar entry in marked called Price.


POE: ( Pending Order Expiration )

The time taken to execute for each order vaild from one day to one week. This means that only the order within the time stated above, placed and is ready to run. For example, if POE is defined for an order 2 first days a week, on Mondays and Tuesdays only the order is valid on those days and will expired at the end of the Tuesday. Of course must be set till the end of Tuesday. This means that if the order did not execute until the end on Tuesday, this trading will not valid anymore and will remove from the list. Or if POE placed for a 3 days of last week days, the order must be placed at the beginning of the third day of the week on Wednesday and it will expires at the end of Friday, and again if POE for an Order a day designated as Wednesday, the order is valid only on your trading platform for Wednesday. The period of time allocated for this variable are W(stands for Week) means working days of week (Monday to Friday). Left number indicates the number days of the starting weekday and right number indicates the number of days from the end of weekdays. For the first two days of the week we use W2 and for three days of the end of the week days we use 3W. If the order valid for whole week we will use AW(stands for All days of week). And of course, if only a POE considered a particular day, it will be listed in the box the name of that day. TR at the POE section means that, the order has been executed weeks ago still not closed and moved to the coming week.


EOE: ( Executed Order Expiration )

Trade was also determined to keep a certain period of time to ran meaning that, if a deal is not reach to take profit or stop loss is not hold conditions and has to be closed. The time periods namely have been considered: The end of next week (2Weeks), the end of current week (Week), one to four days of the execution of the current week days(1,2,3,4).


WP ( Warning Price ) & WC ( Warning Candle ):         

WP is the price that determined by TopStraders and will be announced in relevance with any proposed order. As the name implies, it is a warning to giving to the trader. WC also is a sensitive candle to the price and warn them. So, if the order has been hit, and the other side one or more alert candle closed against the trend order must be closed and remove immediately. For example, if warning prices of gold is 1600 $ and Warning candle is set as Daily candle Once a daily candle closed above the 1600 level, Regardless of whether the trade has a few pips profit or loss, order should be close immediately. (H1, H4, D, W) amount ​​that can be given to the WC. May they combine Numbers 1 to 3 with them, obviously that means involved the number of desired  candles. For example, D2 means two Daily candle or 2H4 means two (Four hours) candles.


Closed By:

Each trade eventually will hit (TP or SL), by a warning condition, with the candle warning (WC), Or the expiration of the specified time (EOE), Will be closed. Closed By, indicating that how eventually every deal is reached. Naturally, this parameter is not specified at the beginning of the week and the results were listed in the Results section at the end of the each week. If TR (abbreviate Transfer) was inserted in this section, Means that deal hit with none of the cases such as (TP/ SL), candle warning, and its expiration time has not ended so the deal is transfer the same way to the next week.


Overview Results and Performance:

Some assets like (EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, CADCHF, USDJPY, GOLD and Crude Oil), Because of the plenty of international trade, usually we'll give signals during one or more weeks. These assets are always both on the Signals table and results of performance will be used same name. But those remaining assets are so many variables, practically there is no possibility to offer deals during one or more in each week. Furthermore, analysis of results and performance all of them is impossible. To solve this problem (As a contractor in the TopStraders) similar assets are placed in baskets of assets defined. These baskets as a symbol of similar assets. And will be used in analyzing the results and performance. The symbols are as follows: Indices such as the Dow Jones and S&P 500, the results of operations, will be listed under the symbol Indexes. Yen currencies (except USDJPY), all have been considered under the symbol .../JPY. Euro currencies have been considered as a symbol EUR/.... The purpose of others are those various currency pairs that bought and sold quite a bit of the market. Needs to be note that in Tables deals all assets will be listed as their names. These contracts only will be used for Review and analysis of results and performance. For example, GBPCHF in the Signals list will be listed with the same name GBPCHF, But in the results and performance will be under the symbol Others.


Finally, it should be noted that, currently the features of site is completely free to use. At any time you can check and see all results and performance until current week in different ways in Performance and Overview Results Without any filter or Barrier. Just be registered to view the Current Signals page which show current week's signals. Signals will be published in the early hours on Monday of each week and from the time of release will be visible until the end on every Friday. At the end of the week, Signals for the Current Week will remove from Current Signals Page. With starting a new week of course the previous week results can analysis and follow-up in related pages. TopStraders working time is EET ( Eastern European Time ) Beginning and end of the day and week, Expiration dates, and warning prices and candles they are all considered on the basis of EET. In all signals and results the terms of normal market spreads included. And you can get the complete information here in This link. At the beginning of the page, about how to use performance page a full description mentioned.



As you know, we're in the full of risky market. It is recommended to avoid emotional trading-down. Do not forget Investment Management. If you are such a person be sure that the market will be kinder. It is our utmost desire that in this way, raise your profitability.


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